Programa: El Añadido
En esta edición de El Añadido conversamos sobre lo sucedido en los playoffs del NFL y próximos los enfrentamientos. Conversaron también sobre lo que sucedería en el posible enfrentamiento entre los GS Warriors y SA Spurs, esto acompañado con el segmento favorito de muchos, El Clutch. Escuche el programa por:
Breve documentario sul flash mob tenutosi il 19 Settembre a Parma, per manifestare contro l'ordinanza anti bivacco emanata dal comune di Parma.
"La città va vissuta dai cittadini!"
filmed and edited Gianluca D'elia
Music Oskar Schuster
What Do You Want

He was captive in his life for a period of time , been trying to break free,but when the question arrives from his own voice, he don't have the answer, daring to end his misery because of his desperate.

written , filmed , Edited , scored by Diego Dimas
Production using Sony A77 , sony 20mm 2.8 , sony 50mm 1.8
And its on. Third autopromotion movie.
This time we`ve joined our green super hero in not equal fight.


Majkel G.
Peter P.
Tomisan D.
Majkel R. aka Miau
Łuk J.

Camera: M Rajewski & P Piechoski
Forced to edit: Szubi
Music: Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries

Production: chillgroup 2013
The Writer

The Photographer

The Young man

And Red
2SQuaRe Street Warriors™ - ChaPter 2:::: LiVinG LarGE
Follow WYnWooD StreetART:DuO ::: 2SQuaRE::: as they share their life to the WoRLD.
a FiLM by Erwin GeorGi
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Filmed By Erwin Georgi
Edited By: Erwin Georgi & Gonzalo "El Niño" Torres

Music By:
(In Order of Appearance)
Simian Mobile Disco
Birdy Nam Nam
Nicolas Jaar

2SQuaRe ::: Street WarrioRs™ 2013

ThanKS 2 EveryBoDY
Who is HelPinG WynwooD
2 DeveloPe Positively+
Counselling those who need that release in there lives disjoints you from your own and Rupert is a victim of this. Jaded and stuck in a routine of emotionally heavy work, a marriage at breaking point and a family to look after - he seeks attention from an unknown to his counsel group who allows him to see his life in another perspective.

Directed by Benjamin Lee
This is the trailer for my film BLT currently playing on vimeo
Two men from two different sides of life will accidentally end up affecting each others lives.

*This is my first DSLR short film and will be submitted to (LIFF) The London Independent Film Festival, It was shot in 4 days using a Canon 550D (T2i) with a year prior in development. I hope you enjoy watching it
Starring: Stephen Molloy & Ross Williams
Writer/Director: John Cunningham
Location Assistant: Jason Fisk
Filmed on the Sony NEX-FS700EK
Lens: SEL18200 / E mount Lens
1920 x 1080 HD / 16:9 / 240FPS
Music: Forest Swords - The Weight Of Gold
From the debut album: Engravings

Unveiled within The Sony Experience Theatre for IBC Amsterdam 2013.
Following the win from the Commercial Sector of The Production Awards.
"We all live for that one special person. But what happens when that person's suddenly gone?"

Behind the Scenes:

Winner of the TRP Month of Independence Short Film Contest.

Magdeburg is a city in the east of Germany: there is disruption created by an annual parade of fascists claiming to commemorate the casualties of an allied air strike that happened during the Second World War.

The emphasis they place on the nature of these casualties as victims could have the effect of distracting people's attention from the atrocities performed by the Nazis themselves during the war, and from their role as the instigators of the conflict.

For more info visit:- +

For updates and screenings on this film visit:-

If you would like to screen this film anywhere, please contact us first:-

21st September, Csa Next Emerson, Florence, Italy event:-

October ElsPaso, Turin, Italy event:-
Animated music video for Franny and Zooey's Remember (Being Fake).

Directed and animated by Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat
Director of photography and Color Correction: Emil Rivera-Cedano
Cast: María Fernanda Padilla and Isaac Weeber

Franny and Zooey: +

Shot with 5DII and Rebel t4i.
Nominations 'Best Cinematography' - Suffolk Film Festival 2013 UK
Official Selection - Sciacca Film Fest 2013 IT
Special Screening - "Salon des Refusés" Milano Film Festival 2013 IT
Special Screening - Unife Corto Festival 2013 IT

"2062. A young group of soldiers, the Droppers, is looking for one of the last water sources still uncontaminated by the global devastation that enveloped planet Earth. Despite the catastrophe, some factions determined to rule over each other, utterly sharpened the fight for survival."

Producer: zizzomagic
Co-Producer: Show Reel and 22HBG -
In collaboration with Nexus SoftAir
Soundtrack: Elya Bazzan
Sound Design: Giacomo Citro
Visual Effects: Flavio Moretti
Compositing: Michelangelo Frisoni
Voice Over: Alberto Pagnotta
Drone Camera: Giuseppe Foderaro / Valerio Nicolosi
Grafic: Riccardo Petrillo
Written and directed: Fabrizio Oggiano
La Previa
10:00 a 11:00
Pesquisa Boricua
11:00 a 12:00
Bonita Radio es la primera emisora radial web comercial en Puerto Rico, cuyo perfil de contenido es la información y el análisis de temas de actualidad y la puesta y propuesta de los dispositivos culturales y musicales como fuentes de poder y entretenimiento para los cyberescuchas. 
Estos son los canales de podcasting de la Cadena SER. Puedes elegir entre distintos contenidos para poder escucharlos en tu reproductor de audio MP3 o en tu PC. De esta forma construyes tu propia programación a la carta para disfrutarla cuando y donde quieras.
  LunesMartesMiércolesJuevesViernesSábadoDomingo   LunesMartesMiércolesJuevesViernesSábadoDomingo 06:00 Hoy por Hoy06:00 a 12:20 SER Aventureros 06:00 a 07:00 SER Consumidor - 6:00 a 7:00 07:00 Matinal SER - 07:00 a 08:00 08:00 A Vivir que son dos días08:00 a 12:00 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 Programación regional - 12:00 a 14:00 Programación local - 12:20 a 14:00 13:00 14:00 Hora 1414:00 a 15:10 Hora 14 Fin de semana 
14:00 a 15:10 Hora 14 Fin de semana 
14:00 a 15:10 15:00 SER Deportivos - 15:10 16:00 La Script 15:10 a 16:00 SER Reporteros
15:10 a 15:30 El Mundo Today 
15:30 a 16:00 16:00 La Ventana16:00 a 20:00 Carrusel Deportivo16:00 a 00:00

Carrusel Deportivo
16:00 a 23:30 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 Hora 2520:00 a 00:00 21:00 22:00 23:00 Hora 25 Fin de semana
23:30 a 00:00 00:00 El Larguero00:00 a 01:30 El Larguero00:00 a 01:30 01:00 Hablar por Hablar01:30 a 04:30 Acento Robinson01:30 a 02:30 Milenio 301:30 a 04:00 Los Toros - 01:30 a 03:00 02:00 03:00 Punto de Fuga 03:00 a 04:30 04:00 SER Historia 04:00 a 05:00 El Larguero (repetición) 
04:30 a 06:00 El Larguero (repetición) 
04:30 a 06:00
(w/temp music, sound) Three children experience a formative incident while at play in a forest.


Posted here is a version of a short film made recently. In this version there is no dialogue. It also contains a temp score lifted from the Spanish film 'The Spirit Of The Beehive.'

This project was made with a lot of love and care given by all involved. It is the equivalent of a test or sketch - something with discoveries and missteps that will help inform the next, more involved iteration.

I hope you will share your thoughts and impressions, however brief or extended. Also if you are so compelled, I hope you will share it with others. Although it's the kernel of an idea, it was not made to go unseen.

Thanks for watching!

- Alex