Programa: El Añadido
En esta edición de El Añadido conversamos sobre lo sucedido en los playoffs del NFL y próximos los enfrentamientos. Conversaron también sobre lo que sucedería en el posible enfrentamiento entre los GS Warriors y SA Spurs, esto acompañado con el segmento favorito de muchos, El Clutch. Escuche el programa por: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8x8MalnRYM

"E noi ci mangiamo sopra"

Breve documentario sul flash mob tenutosi il 19 Settembre a Parma, per manifestare contro l'ordinanza anti bivacco emanata dal comune di Parma.
"La città va vissuta dai cittadini!"
filmed and edited Gianluca D'elia
Music Oskar Schuster

chillgroup AUTOPROMOTION 3 "The battle of Wwa"

And its on. Third autopromotion movie.
This time we`ve joined our green super hero in not equal fight.


Majkel G.
Peter P.
Tomisan D.
Majkel R. aka Miau
Łuk J.

Camera: M Rajewski & P Piechoski
Forced to edit: Szubi
Music: Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries

Production: chillgroup 2013

what do you want

What Do You Want

He was captive in his life for a period of time , been trying to break free,but when the question arrives from his own voice, he don't have the answer, daring to end his misery because of his desperate.

written , filmed , Edited , scored by Diego Dimas
Production using Sony A77 , sony 20mm 2.8 , sony 50mm 1.8

Her name is Red (Onun Adı Kırmızı)

The Writer

The Photographer

The Young man

And Red